CT Scan

Tift Regional offers two state-of-the-art scanner suites that provide the latest in ultra-modern CT scanning.  CT, or computerized tomography, is a doughnut-shaped scanning device that takes images of cross-sections of the body.  CT can see into areas that cannot be seen on regular X-ray examinations.  With Tift Regional's advanced GE Lightspeed Scanner, images are made six times faster than traditional CT scanners.  Reducing the scan time significantly can allow physicians to begin treating the patient more quickly.

Smart Score 

The prevention of heart attacks takes another step forward at Tift Regional Medical Center. Smart Score is designed to check for risks of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and heart attacks in people who haven't had any heart problems in the past. This test is able to help many people before they ever experience any problems associated with cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.  The test shows calcification of the arteries with a simple CT scan.