Extended Shadow

job_shadowing.jpgAn extended shadow is a high school age or older individual who wishes to explore more than one job/career area or who is seeking hours (more than 24 hours) as a pre-requisite to admission to a particular academic program. Students follow host employees through normal activities which may include patient contact. The extended shadow may engage in job specific entry level (non-invasive) activities under direct and continual supervision of the hosting employee but never engages in independent activities nor provides patient care, testing, or treatment. Extended shadow experiences are accepted on a first come basis and are accommodated only after all pre-requisites have been completed.

  • Background Check  (For more information on this click on the General Information link)
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening (For more information on this click on the General Information link)
  • Citizenship Status
  • Immunization Records (Print Student Immunization Verification Record from web site) click here
  • Online Orientation
  • Signature Forms
  • Copy of current Driver’s License
  • To set up an extended shadow experience, email us at students@tiftregional.com and let us know the kind of job, dates you have available, the deadline for completing your application hours and your contact information.