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Tift Regional Medical Center's Hospital Medicine program is managed and staffed by Affinity Hospital Medicine.

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What is a Hospital Medicine Provider?

A hospital medicine provider is a primary care physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant who gives care to individuals while they are in the hospital. While on duty, their time is devoted solely to caring for hospitalized patients.

Hospital medicine providers specialize in all aspects of a patient's care--from admission through discharge. Hospital medicine providers manage and coordinate the entire inpatient episode of care. They will keep your outpatient primary care physician informed of your progress while you are in the hospital.

Tift Regional Medical Center's Hospital Medicine Program is managed and staffed by Affinity Hospital Medicine. Our hospital medicine providers work as a team, so you may see more than one of them during your stay.

Benefits of the Hospital Medicine Program 

  • In case of emergency, your Hospital Medicine Provider is never far away.
  • Your Hospital Medicine Provider is readily available to discuss your health with you and your loved ones and to make sure you understand your diagnoses, treatments and plan of care.
  • Your Hospital Medicine Provider will stay in close communication with your primary care physician to ensure a seamless hand-off when you leave the hospital.
  • Dedicated care managers work closely with your Hospital Medicine Provider to manage all of the important details related to your care and discharge planning. 

Your Hospital Medicine Provider and Primary Care Physician

Hospital Medicine Providers focus on caring for you when you are in the hospital, which allows your primary care physician to focus on you when you visit as an outpatient.

How does my Hospital Medicine Provider know about me?

Working as partners, your Hospital Medicine Provider will regularly speak with your primary care physician in order to coordinate the best possible care for you. This process is similar to what your physician does when he or she refers you to a specialist.

When you are discharged, your Hospital Medicine Provider will perform a "hand-off" to your doctor by updating him or her about your hospitalization, make any necessary changes to your prescription medications and forward your records to your doctor's office. A follow-up appointment will be arranged with your primary care physician.

The Hospital Medicine Provider and your family

With your permission, Hospital Medicine Providers will answer your family's questions and address any concerns. Hospital Medicine Providers are available 24/7 to address urgent clinical issues that arise. During critical and stressful moments, they can be relied on for compassionate, honest and considerate answers.

Statement of Mission

The Affinity Hospital Medicine program strives to offer high quality evidence-based inpatient care that is compassionate and tailored to the unique needs of our individual patients. With a policy of seamless communication, we seek to develop a true partnership in the care of the hospitalized patient between patients, family members, referring primary care physicians, attending specialists and support staff.  


D. Kaine Brown, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Medical Director
Affinity Hospital Medicine



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