Joint Principles

We support these joint principles of the Patient Centered Medical Home:


Personal Physician
Each patient will have a personal relationship with their physician of choice. Your physician will lead your healthcare team who, together, take responsibility for your health care.

Whole Person Orientation
Your medical home team will work to provide whole person care by reaching out to other trusted qualified professionals, when needed. This includes care for all stages of life: short-term illnesses, long-term diseases, preventative services, and end of life care.

Care is Coordinated   
Your medical home team will make sure your care is coordinated, involving all elements of the healthcare system including specialty care, hospitals, home health agencies, etc. They will also, with your approval, integrate this care with your family and community resources that may benefit you.

Quality and Safety 
By putting you as the central focus of your medical home team the quality of your care is enhanced. By centralizing your care in one place, the possibility for error is reduced.

Enhanced Access to Care
Open scheduling with same day appointments, expanded hours to accommodate your lifestyle, and new  ways to communicate between patients and the medical home team makes it quicker and easier to get the care you need.