Laboratory Services

The clinical laboratory is a key member of the Cook Medical Center’s healthcare team. The laboratory professionals employed here have the skills to unlock important information that is pivotal to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Every day, Physicians, Nurses, and other healthcare workers depend on the clinical laboratory to perform tests on blood and other body fluids, interpret the results and help provide a complete picture of a patients’ health. Using biomedical equipment and complicated analysis, the laboratory can detect the presence of cancer; identify infectious viruses and bacteria, and measure glucose, cholesterol, and drug levels in blood. Without this precise and valuable information, medicine would simply be guesswork.

Cook Medical Center (CMC) employs a team of Laboratory Professionals. These include Certified Phlebotmist, Laboratory Assistants, Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), Medical Technologist/ Clinical Laboratory Scientist and a Clinical Pathologist as our Clinical Laboratory Medical Director. Yearly, the CMC laboratory performs more than 64,000 clinical tests on blood and other bodily fluids.

The Clinical Laboratory is staffed twenty-four (24) hrs/ day, which means there is always someone available in our department, day or night.

The Laboratory Medical Director, Dr. Harry S. Latham, MD, FCAP, is a Board Certified Pathologist, specializing in both Clinical and Anatomical Pathology. The Laboratory Manager, Debbie W. Harper, has been a Medical Technologist/ Clinical Laboratory Scientist for 25yrs and a member of the Cook Medical Center healthcare team for more than 6 years. The Laboratory Medical Director and Manager are always available to answer your questions, discuss test results, arrange special testing, and discuss any concerns. The Laboratory Services of CMC are readily available to meet the needs of its Physicians, Patients and Community.  CMC Clinical Laboratory is able to perform most requested lab tests on-site.

Laboratory results for all tests that are performed on-site are normally reported to the ordering physician within 24hrs. Other lab results that are performed by our reference laboratory are normally reported to the ordering physician within 72hrs.

In addition to the routine laboratory services, CMC has the cability of performing other services such as DOT drug screening, pre-employment drug screenings, and other applicable work force requirements.
Reference Laboratory testing is available for all labs that are not performed on-site. Reference Laboratory test results are normally available within 24-72 hrs.

Laboratory Results are made available through our Medical Records Department and your Physician. Laboratory Employees are not permitted to discuss lab results with patients directly, unless instructed to do so by the Ordering Physician.

Community Involvement:

Throughout the year, the CMC Clinical Laboratory is actively involved in various Community Health fairs. Past health fairs have included Glucose, Cholesterol, PSA and Lipid Panel Screenings.

Be sure to check out CMC website monthly for a calendar of Free and Reduced Fee Screenings that will be held throughout the year.