Student Tours

TRHS will create a tour specific for your organization.  Depending upon the age and size of the group, we will try to accommodate any group based upon the learning objectives.  General guidelines:

  • Please communicate with us at least 6 weeks before your desired tour date (greater than 6 weeks is appreciated).
  • Students who are minors must be accompanied by legal adults who either have guardianship or legal jurisdiction over them for the period of time during the tour.
  • TRHS Confidentiality Statements must be signed and returned to TRHS by the day of the tour (These are sent to the organization’s contact person when the date of the tour is confirmed.)
  • Permission slips for participation are the responsibility of the affiliating school or agency.
  • A brief orientation is required before starting the tour.  This can be done either at your group’s meeting facility  (such as at the school or club meeting location) or upon arrival at the hospital if prearranged.

Want to set up a tour?  Email us at and let us know:

  • Age of group
  • Numbers who would attend
  • Dates/Times best for group
  • Objectives of the tour / departments you wish to see
  • Contact person for your group – name, telephone number and email address.

TRHS reserves the right to deny, cancel, or postpone a scheduled tour when conditions exist that could compromise patient or visitor safety or if staffing demands are challenged (ex. Influenza rates within the community).

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