Surgical Services

At Cook Medical Center (CMC), we know the importance of choosing the right place to have your surgery. We strive to give you the best medical services available, and the respect you and your family deserve. We realize surgery can be a frightening experience for the individual undergoing a surgical procedure as well as the patient’s family members.

Patients requiring surgical services are ensured quality care and a high level of skill. CMC offers outpatient and inpatient surgical procedures. Specialized procedures performed in our operating room consist of gynecological and general cases.

Following a surgical procedure, our experienced nursing staff in recovery room area monitor patients until they are ready to be returned to their pre-op room.

General surgery consists of a wide range of surgical procedures to repair tissues and organs throughout the body. Laparascopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that results in a decrease in post-operative pain and complications, also adding to a shorter recovery period. Colon/rectal surgery consists of the removal of a colonic or rectal tumor as well as the surrounding affected tissue. Gynecological services consist of numerous female problems and obstetrical care.

Outpatient services are provided to patients with less complicated surgeries and the initial recuperation period occur on the same day. Upon arrival to the hospital, the patients are greeted by the emergency room nurse and triaged, an IV may be started at this time. The patient is then transported to a designated room to be prepped and prepared for their surgical/endoscopy procedure. At this time, the IV access will be initiated (if not previously done) and IV fluids will be hung. The nurse anesthetist will visit to assess the patient and answer any questions that they may have concerning their anesthesia. After surgery and recovery room, the patients are transported back to their designated room to rest and a meal will be provided. Vital signs will be obtained at this time. After a minimal length of time, patient may be discharged home with a designated driver.

Inpatient surgical services are provided for much more complicated procedures such as caesarean sections, hysterectomy, colon or rectal surgery, ECT…. After this type of surgery, patients are admitted to the hospital and stay an average of 3-5 days post-operatively to recuperate. 

CMC also provides endoscopy services such as an EGD or COLONOSCOPY. An EGD is performed to visually inspect internal body parts such as the throat, esophagus, and stomach. A Colonoscopy visually inspects the inside of the rectum, sigmoid colon and the large intestine. If any abnormalities are seen, the endoscopist may perform a biopsy of the abnormal tissue. This tissue will be sent to a pathology lab and results will be available at your next appointment, usually the following week.

Cook Medical Center looks forward to providing you and your family the quality health care that you deserve.