Women's Health Navigator

Women’s Health Navigator

Debra Hardeman, RN
TRMC Women’s Health Navigator

E-mail: debra.hardeman@tiftregional.com
Phone: 229-353-6325 or 800-648-1935, ext. 6325

Tift Regional Medical Center seeks to improve the access and coordination of health services for women by offering a Women’s Health Navigator.  Registered nurse Debra Hardeman is available to assist women who have had a positive mammogram or other diagnostic test indicating that further diagnosis or treatment is needed.

Debra serves as an educational resource and personal “GPS” for women navigating the health care system, understanding their needs during a difficult time and helping to alleviate the stress and anxiety many patients experience while arranging care.

For breast cancer patients, Debra is a tremendous resource.  After a diagnosis, and if it’s determined further consultation with TRMC Oncology Center is appropriate, Debra will help to coordinate radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, surgeons and other medical professionals in the development of a treatment plan.  

Debra also coordinates a monthly breast cancer support group.  To learn more, click on Classes & Events.