The Emergency Center

For urgent care, we are there

With a dedicated team of skilled emergency medicine specialists, Tift Regional's 24-hour Emergency Center provides quality urgent care for injury and illness.  Located in Tifton on the corner of Lee Avenue and 20th Street, the Emergency Center has six trauma bays, 13 exam rooms and separate entrances for ambulances and walk-in patients.

Maximizing time with quality of care

The Emergency Center is devoted to providing quality urgent care in the most expedient manner possible by offering bedside triage and a fast track program. Quick tube access to laboratory services, proximity to advanced medical imaging equipment and a dedicated phone line to radiology assures patients that their diagnostic testing and treatment are being coordinated in the quickest and most efficient way possible.
With Tift Regional's advanced GE Lightspeed Scanner, images are made six times faster than traditional CT scanners. In many cases, emergency physicians rely on images from CT scanners to assess the extent of internal injury during the “Golden Hour”, which is the first and most critical hour for trauma patients in emergency rooms.  Reducing the scan time by a few minutes or more can allow Emergency Center physicians to begin treating the patient more quickly.