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Tift Regional welcomes new urologist and retina surgeon
Tift Regional Health System (TRHS)/Southwell announced that two new surgeons have recently joined the system’s medical staff. This includes a new urologist with robotic-assisted surgical training and an ophthalmologist specializing in retina procedures.

“These two new surgeons, both originally from South Georgia, are bringing unique specialties to our community,” said Christopher Dorman, Southwell President/CEO.

Dr. Melinda Knight will work alongside fellow urologists Dr. Greg Anderson and Dr. Jeff Peters at Tift Regional Urology. Dr. Knight is a double board-certified urologic surgeon specializing in urologic oncology and urinary tract reconstruction. Dr. Knight also has advanced training in da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery.

A native of Sylvester, Dr. Knight earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She completed residency training in urology at the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Knight’s services include diagnosis and care for a wide range of urologic conditions. She is an expert in minimally-invasive surgery for bladder cancer, laparoscopic and robotic surgery for kidney cancer, pelvic floor reconstruction, kidney stone treatment, and robotic surgery for prostate cancer and ureteral conditions.

“Dr. Knight is serving as medical director of our robotic-assisted surgery program,” said Dorman. “The da Vinci surgical system helps enable surgeons to perform minimally-invasive surgery with an advanced set of instruments and a 3D high-definition view of the surgical area. This can result in smaller incisions, more precision, quicker recovery times, and improved outcomes. We have the most current version of the da Vinci technology.”

Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) now also offers retina repair as a surgical specialty. Performing procedures at the TRMC Surgery Center, Dr. Russ Richardson with Southern Vitreoretinal Associates is an ophthalmologist who specializes in surgery of the vitreous body of the eye and the retina.

“Dr. Richardson is able to treat conditions and diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, macular hole/pucker, and retinal detachment,” said Dorman.

Originally from Tifton, Dr. Richardson earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and his medical degree from Marshall University. He completed his residency training at West Virginia University and fellowship training at Marshall University.

Dorman said that patients can talk to their provider about a referral to Dr. Knight or Dr. Richardson. “We are proud to offer these specialized services close to home, work and family for area residents,” he said.

Dr. Knight, employed by TRHS, performs evaluations and follow-up exams at Tift Regional Urology. Visit or call 229-391-3535 for more information. Tift Regional Urology is located in Tifton at 1815 Old Ocilla Road.

Dr. Richardson, an independent contractor, holds a clinic in Tifton at 200 West 12th Street, Suite F. Visit or call 229-386-0297 for more information.