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For most adults, a heart attack is a common health concern. However, heart disease is easiest to treat when diagnosed early. Hear from William Hancock, M.D., FACC, about the symptoms of heart disease that you need to know, and talk to your doctor if you have and concerns.

o Chest discomfort: this common sign of heart disease may feel like tingling, pressure, pain, or tightness.

o Shortness of breath: take note if you find yourself out of breath after moderate activity, like climbing stairs.

o Spreading pain: If you have chest pain that extends down your arms or legs. Know that it is a classic symptom of heart disease.

In the case of sudden and severe symptoms, call 911 and seek emergency treatment as you may be having a heart attack. If you have any questions about your heart health or would like to schedule a visit with a provider from our Heart and Vascular team, call 229-353-6158 or visit