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Southwell organizes daily prayers, words of encouragement
(April 14, 2020, Tifton, Ga.) – With all of the uncertainty surrounding everyday life, particularly for those in health care, Southwell decided to give their employees and patients a much needed morale boost.

At least once a day, an inspirational song like “This is a Move” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard or “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, or a prayer by a local pastor plays over the loud speaker at Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) and Southwell Medical for all employees and patients to hear.

“We know this is a tough time for everyone, but particularly for our patients and employees,” said Dorman. “We wanted to come up with a way to give them that little boost they might need to get them through their shift. We want them to know that we are all standing behind them and know that we can get through this as a community and as a team.”

Pastors from all around the region and from various denominations have submitted audio recordings of prayers to be played.

“We’ve been amazed at the community response so far,” Dorman said. “We could not be more grateful to these pastors for taking the time to submit these prayers. It means a great deal to our patients and staff.”

Beth Ryther, System Director of Service Excellence, and Service Excellence Department helped to coordinate the songs, prayers, and words of encouragement. They also organized a free snack cart that is pushed around to various units and departments each afternoon. The Service Excellence Department also assisted in coordinating displays that say “Heroes Work Here,” which are visible at main entrances at TRMC and other facilities.

“While these may seem like small gestures, these are the kind of things we knew could make a big difference to both our patients and our employees,” Ryther said. “We have already received a positive response from both, and we plan to continue with the messages each day and the snack cart. We will also continue to look for other ways we can inspire and encourage our patients and employees during this difficult time.”