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Urologist helps to organize “Hall of Hope” art wall at Tift Regional Medical Center
(April 15, 2020, Tifton, Ga.) – Dr. Melinda Knight, a Southwell Urologist who practices with the Tift Regional Urology, recently had the idea to create an art wall to honor healthcare workers and the important work they are doing.

Through a community effort, the artwork was installed at Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) on the third floor on the corridor that connects the two units where all of Southwell’s COVID-19 patients are being treated. Dr. Knight worked with several community groups, including Plough Gallery in Tifton, to create the “Hall of Hope” which contains 70 pieces of artwork from various community members.

“I wanted to take this initiative because I really felt that it would help to brighten up the space at the hospital and hopefully bring a smile to the faces of staff and patients,” said Dr. Knight. “I also thought this would be a great opportunity for local artists to showcase their work in a unique way.”

The art work was designed by a diverse group of community members, with some pieces featuring messages of thanks and appreciation and other depicting images of healthcare workers on the frontlines.

“I’ve always been passionate about the arts, and I think they are especially important in times like these,” Knight said. “Art has the power to inspire us, to motivate us, and to keep us going. I think that is what we need in the midst of this pandemic, and my hope is that this installation is able to bring inspiration and encouragement to our patients, visitors, and frontline staff.”

Chris Dorman, Southwell President and CEO, said he is very grateful to have such a dedicated team thinking of initiatives such as the art wall.

“We are very appreciative of Dr. Knight’s efforts in creating this art installation,” said Dorman.