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Tift Regional-sponsored community project wins award

The Gallery at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture has been named the top nonprofit gallery institution in the state and also received an award for the top special gallery project co-sponsored by the Tift Regional Heart and Vascular Center in 2016.   The agriculture museum gallery, part of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, received the two statewide awards during a recent meeting of the Georgia Association for Museums and Galleries (GAMG) in Augusta.

"The GMA Gallery has become a leading institution in Georgia with a record of accomplishments and is acting as an important cultural resource in the community," said the GAMG selection committee.

"The gallery has taken an active role in promoting communication and cooperation among other Georgia museums and galleries and has provided on-site outreach programs which have extended the GMA's mission while educating student and adult audiences."

Polly Huff, assistant director and curator for the Georgia Museum of Agriculture, said the gallery's honors is in recognition of more than 30 exhibits and numerous local and regional partnerships as well as dozens of outreach events which the gallery has hosted since its inception in 2010.

One of those exhibits was an unprecedented partnership in spring 2016 among the gallery, the ABAC School of Liberal Arts, the ABAC School of Nursing and Health Sciences, the Tift Regional Heart and Vascular Center and a private art collector.

Honored as GAMC's Top Special Project of 2016, that collaboration resulted in the "Heart to Heart" event which educated the community about heart disease while showcasing an art exhibit inspired by the miracle of medicine, all while giving a springboard to more than a dozen college art students into the world of juried shows and gallery exhibits.