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Leaders from Tift Regional Health System give back as part of leadership development training

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Each quarter, the leaders at Tift Regional Health System (TRHS) meet to further their leadership skills at Leadership Development Institutes (LDI). The two-day training typically consists of educational sessions and team-building exercises, but their most recent LDI included a special activity: community service.

“Last November, we chose to incorporate community service projects into our LDIs. Our leaders were formed into multiple smaller teams last time, but for our most recent LDI, we elected to have two teams to tackle larger projects,” stated Beth Ryther, System Director of Service Excellence at TRHS.

The two project sites were the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Cook County Area and The American Legion of Tift County, Post 21. Half of the LDI team visited the Boys and Girls Club, and the other half assisted at The American Legion, approximately 60 volunteers at each location.

The Boys and Girls Club volunteers participated in several projects. One group gathered with Boys and Girls Club members and led them in painting canvases which will be hung throughout the building. Another group cleaned up the exterior yards of the Club, including the playground area. The remainder of volunteers cleaned up and re-painted the kitchen area, which was previously unusable. The kitchen area will now be used to serve meals to Club members.

“I can honestly say that our club would not be here today if not for the support of the Tift Regional Health System, from volunteers to board members to fundraiser support and everything in between. Without them, the 117 members of the club may not have had anywhere to go this summer. It was so humbling and encouraging to see a group of people come together and support our kids,” said Jori Thompson, CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Cook County Area.Carla Hall Stacey Heard

The American Legion team split into two groups. One group traveled to the American Legion Post where they re-painted the women’s auxiliary room and kitchen area. The other group visited the American Legion fairgrounds where they pressure washed the entire floor of the exhibit hall and re-painted the men’s and women’s bathrooms at the fairgrounds.

LeAnn Pritchett, Director of Patient Safety for TRHS and leader for the American Legion volunteer team, stated “This project provided a rewarding opportunity to serve our community in a different way than usual. Through working with my team, it also provided me a wonderful learning moment about encouragement, which is one of the best tools that a leader can have.”

Both teams were given gift cards to allow them to purchase additional supplies while volunteering at their respective locations. The team at the Boys and Girls Club purchased two basketball goals for the club, and the American Legion team purchased more paint supplies to complete their projects.

“Our mission is to serve the health needs of the patient as well as those of the communities we serve.  As healthcare workers, we are privileged to serve our patients and their families every day.  Our community projects gave us an opportunity to serve in a different way.  The leadership at Tift Regional is honored to have a chance to give back,” stated Ryther.