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TRHS Strong: Chief Nursing Executive thanks staff for Hurricane Irma efforts

As hurricane Irma approached the Florida coast, weather predictions indicated its path would bring the eyewall close to the Tifton area with winds nearing 100 miles-per-hour.  Tift Regional Health System (TRHS) activated our emergency response system and began preparations for the storm. Our physicians, staff, volunteers and first responders at Tift Regional Medical Center in Tifton and Cook Medical Center in Adel reported for duty selflessly leaving their homes and families behind.

Over 600 employees were sheltered inside both campuses during the storm in case we received an influx of patients.  TRHS was prepared to respond to any event and ensure the hospitals were ready to serve the health needs of our communities including those fleeing the storm on the I-75 corridor.   Although the storm was not as severe as anticipated, many in our area have been affected.  The lack of electricity, water, and homes with damage caused an increase in our patient volume and we stood ready to meet their many needs. 

I would like to thank these heroic men and women for their dedication to their professions and their communities. The positive attitudes of our staff and the teamwork they displayed was exemplary.  I have never been more proud to be part of this great organization and serve alongside such an exemplary team. 

Carol M. Smith, MBA, RNC, NEA-BC
Senior Vice President, Acute Care and Chief Nursing Executive
Tift Regional Health System