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Tift Regional opens new cardiology clinic in Adel

Tift Regional Health System (TRHS) announced that four cardiologists from Tifton will begin rotating to a new cardiology clinic located at Cook Primary Care in Adel.  New patients are now being accepted and appointments can be made by calling 229-896-8500. 

“The goal for the Adel Cardiology Clinic is to provide cardiology evaluations, follow-up exams and routine check-ups for patients closer to home, work and family,” said Michael Purvis, Cook Medical Center CEO.   Cook Medical Center and Cook Primary Care are a part of the TRHS network of care. 

“In addition to convenience for Cook County patients, residents from Berrien, Lowndes and Colquitt now have a closer alternative for cardiac care,” Purvis said.

Rotating heart specialists include interventional cardiologists Anthony Burke, D.O. and Paul Murray, M.D. with Affinity Clinic and interventional cardiologist Jonathan Tronolone, M.D. with Tronolone Cardiology.

Office visits are conducted in Adel and procedures are performed at Tift Regional’s Heart and Vascular Center in Tifton.  Conditions treated include arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, valvular heart disease, heart failure congenital heart disease and more.  Procedures include cardiac catheterization, angioplasty, pacemaker insertion and non-invasive diagnostic services.

Cardiologist consultations are typically recommended by a patient's primary care physician in response to either heightened risk factors for cardiovascular disease or symptoms that indicate it may already be present.

“Because heart disease is America's number one killer--affecting 80 million people--physicians are keenly aware of the stakes in detecting or diagnosing it,” said Purvis.

Major risk factors for heart disease, such as one or more immediate family members being affected as well as high blood pressure or cholesterol readings, may prompt a primary physician to refer a patient to a cardiologist.  Self-referrals to the Adel Cardiology Clinic are also accepted.

Tift Regional’s Adel Cardiology Clinic is housed at Cook Primary Care, located in Adel at 103 North Parrish Avenue.   To make an appointment, call 229-896-8500. 

Visit for more information on the clinic and its providers and also learn the top 10 reasons to see a cardiologist.  

“The Adel Cardiology Clinic is another way TRHS and Cook Medical Center are working together to provide expert care without the long drive for patients,” said Purvis.