Calendar of Events

Event Title Start Date
Cancer Support Group  
Diabetes Support Group  
Reflections - Hospice Support Group  
Chronic Kidney Disease Classes  
Look Good Feel Better Program for Cancer Patients  
Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group  
Breast Cancer Support Group  
NICE Club  
American Red Cross Blood Drives (2019 Dates)  
Healthy Kids Day 04/27/2019 
Infant Care Class 04/30/2019 
Senior Seminar: "Have the Prime of Your Life" 05/01/2019 
Joint Replacement Center 1 Mile Walk for Patients 05/04/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 05/11/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 05/13/2019 
Hospice Webinar: "Managing Difficult Family Dynamics During Illness and Death" 05/15/2019 
Infant Care Class 05/28/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 06/08/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 06/10/2019 
Hospice Webinar: "Best Practices in Counseling Survivors of Sudden and Traumatic Loss" 06/18/2019 
Infant Care Class 06/25/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 07/08/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 07/13/2019 
Infant Care Class 07/30/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 08/10/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 08/12/2019 
Infant Care Class 08/27/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 09/09/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 09/14/2019 
Infant Care Class 09/24/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 10/12/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 10/14/2019 
Infant Care Class 10/29/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 11/09/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 11/11/2019 
Infant Care Class 11/12/2019 
Breastfeeding Class 12/09/2019 
Prepared Childbirth Class 12/14/2019 
Infant Care Class 12/17/2019