Calendar of Events

Event Title Start Date
American Red Cross Blood Drives (2019 Dates)  
Cancer Support Group  
Diabetes Support Group  
Reflections - Hospice Support Group  
Chronic Kidney Disease Classes  
Look Good Feel Better Program for Cancer Patients  
Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group  
Breast Cancer Support Group  
NICE Club  
Prepared Childbirth 08/21/2018 
Hospice Webinar: "#grief: Social Media and Mourning" 08/21/2018 
Community Seminar: "Building a Healthier Heart" (Valdosta) 08/21/2018 
Infant Care 08/28/2018 
Open Interview Day - Food and Nutrition Services 08/31/2018 
Breastfeeding Class 09/10/2018 
NICE Club Seminar: "The Art of Aging Gracefully Through Health Promotion & Fall Prevention" 09/11/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 09/15/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 09/18/2018 
Hospice Webinar: "Exploring Complementary Pain Management Techniques in End-of-Life Care" 09/18/2018 
Infant Care 09/25/2018 
Breastfeeding Class 10/08/2018 
Hospice Webinar: "Supporting Disenfranchised Grievers" 10/16/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 10/20/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 10/23/2018 
Infant Care 10/30/2018 
Breastfeeding Class 11/12/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 11/13/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 11/17/2018 
Infant Care 11/27/2018 
Infant Care 12/04/2018 
Breastfeeding Class 12/10/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 12/11/2018 
Prepared Childbirth 12/15/2018 
Hospice Webinar: "Cultural and Spiritual Competency in End-of-Life Care" 01/15/2019 
Hospice Webinar: Funerals and Beyond: "Using Rituals to Support Grieving Youth" 02/19/2019 
Annual Hospice Living with Grief Program: "Surviving Loss in Later Life" 03/12/2019 
Hospice Webinar: "Managing Difficult Family Dynamics During Illness and Death" 05/15/2019 
Hospice Webinar: "Best Practices in Counseling Survivors of Sudden and Traumatic Loss" 06/18/2019