Calling all Super Users!

If you have been designated as a Super User, thank you for assuming this critical role. A Super User is an end user with extensive knowledge of workflows and the Cerner application. Super Users are the “go-to” people in their departments during the activation phase.

Here are the traits of an effective Super User:

  • Strong communication skills; approachable, outgoing, and enthusiastic.
  • A strong belief in the Cerner implementation project; understanding of the workflows being supported.
  • The ability to solve problems and adapt to change.
  • A willingness to learn and remain competent in skills.

If you have been selected as a Super User, it’s because you are respected among your peers. You are trusted to provide department-specific feedback to the Cerner project team.

All designated Super Users are asked to register for the specified Super User training class for their area in Net Learning. If a Super User class does not exist for your area—the Super User will be expected to attend an end user class, then proctor an additional class.

Proctoring a class means a Super User is assisting the Lead Trainer and hearing the training material more than once. Ask your manager to contact the lead trainer for your area to coordinate signing you up to proctor a class.

Thanks again for your dedication to Cerner transformation success.