Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson

A Cerner Success Story


The Infor/Cerner Training Center has moved to a new location

The Infor/Cerner Training Center has moved to 1813 Tyson Avenue in Tifton, which is adjacent to the TRMC Employee Parking Lot on the corner of Tyson Avenue and 20th Street.  The center is located in a modular building with four classrooms.  The entrance to the building faces the TRMC Employee Parking Lot.  This is a temporary unit, which will remain in place for one year after the Cerner go-live. 

The new location is within walking distance from the TRMC Main Campus.  Please park in the Employee Parking Lot on the corner of Tyson Avenue and 20th Street.  If this lot is filled, please park at another approved employee parking area at the Main Campus and walk-over to the building.

As a courtesy to our residential neighbors, do not park on Tyson Avenue.  Security will be monitoring the parking on Tyson Avenue and residents have been notified to call Security if they have any issues with parking on that street.  Do not park in the parking lots of Dr. Raymond Aldridge and Tifton Woman’s Center.  Thanks for your cooperation and support. 

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Infor and Cerner Go Live Dates to Change

President/COO Christopher Dorman announced that Tift Regional Health System (TRHS) has made the decision to reassess testing events which will have an impact on the originally scheduled go-live dates of July 1st for Infor Lawson and October 1st for Cerner  Millennium.  

Infor Lawson is Tift Regional’s new, unified electronic platform solution for supply chain, financial and human resources management and Cerner Millennium is the system’s new electronic health record (EHR) and integrated clinical database.  The TRHS, Cerner and Infor Lawson teams are working tirelessly to establish an amended plan with new go-live dates.  The goal is to reevaluate the phasing of the implementation to ensure a seamless rollout for patients and staff.   

All Cerner training is on-hold until the new go-live dates are established.   Once the new go-live dates are approved and communicated by Mr. Dorman, a new training calendar will be disseminated.