Cerner training: when where and how

Cerner training: when, where and how

Who should attend training?

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Cerner Class Descriptions 

Training Center

The new Training Center is located near Tift Regional Medical Center at 1813 Tyson Avenue

Where do I go for training?

The bulk of training will be at the Tift Regional Health System Training Center, which has recently moved to 1813 Tyson Avenue in Tifton (adjacent to the TRMC Employee Parking Lot on the corner of Tyson Avenue and 20th Street). The center is located in a modular building with four classrooms. The entrance to the building faces the TRMC Employee Parking Lot. This is a temporary unit, which will remain in place for one year after the Cerner go-live.

The new location is within walking distance from the TRMC Main Campus. Please park in the Employee Parking Lot on the corner of Tyson Avenue and 20th Street. If this lot is filled, please park at another approved employee parking area at the Main Campus and walk-over to the building.

As a courtesy to our residential neighbors, do not park on Tyson Avenue. Security will be monitoring the parking on Tyson Avenue and residents have been notified to call Security if they have any issues with parking on that street. Do not park in the parking lots of Dr. Raymond Aldridge and Tifton Woman’s Center. Thanks for your cooperation and support.

Other Cerner training locations at or near the Tift Regional Medical Center main campus include:

  • ICU Classroom
  • Diabetes Education Classroom
  • Accounting Training Room (MOB)
  • Financial Training Room (MOB)
  • Affinity Pediatrics Training Room
  • OR Classroom
  • Oncology Classroom

When is the training?

Important dates to remember:

  • January 15th: Managers will need to begin to register end users in Net Learning for the appropriate class.
  • March 12th-March 23rd: Train the Trainer Classes for Lead Trainers.
  • April 3rd-April 14th: Super User Training
  • April 16th - May 30th: End User Training

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How do I register for training?

Managers are responsible for registering their staff members in Net Learning. Class sizes are limited and will be filled in a first-come, first-serve basis. Only one person per device is allowed for the training.

What if I have a staff member on FMLA during the training sessions?

They will be trained when they return. If the staff member returns after the Cerner go-live date of June 1, please note that training will not resume until two weeks after the go-live date.

Will there be enough seats for everyone?

Yes. TRHS has planned for all staff currently employed and have built-in a 20 percent contingency, taking into account new hires, no-shows and those who need reschedule.

Will there be make-up classes?

Yes, but not for two weeks after the go-live date of June 1. The make-up training dates we will be disseminated in late May.

Will walk-ins who have not been signed-up by their manager in Net Learning be accepted?

No—not unless we have empty seats.

Who can I contact with any questions?

Please contact Sherry Ellis at or 353-7556.