Department Spotlight

What does VAT stand for?
Value Analysis Team

What is Value Analysis?
Value Analysis is a formalized evidence-based sustainable process that is used to select goods and services. It includes facilitation of process changes, product reviews, service evaluations, and implementation of cost saving initiatives that support positive outcomes in patient care.

What is the vision of Value Analysis?
Incorporation of a multi-disciplinary, evidence based, collaborative process that is consistent across the organization while maintaining or improving quality patient care, patient safety, efficiency of health system operations, and reduce the supply chain costs.

Who are the members of the VAT (Value Analysis Team)? 

Executive Members
Chris Dorman, President & COO
Dennis Crum, Senior VP & CFO
Carol Smith, Senior VP & CNO

Medical Staff Members
Dr. Tracy Nolan (Procedural VAT)
Dr. Kaine Brown (Patient Care VAT)

Staff Members – Patient Care VAT:
Daniel Goff (Chair)
Ashanti Vickers (Supply Chain)
Cara Goodwin (PEDS)
Cheryl Sumner (ICU/SDU/IPD)
Chris Baker (Supply Chain)
Cindy Webb (Med W)
Erin Middleton (Med E)
Susie McKay (ER)
Jessica Kennedy (OB)
Karen Allen (GMS)
Linda Senkbeil (Learning & Development)
Mary Key (Infection Prevention)
Megan Robinson (Finance)
Mike Shaw (Wound Care)
Becky Griffin (ER)
Sandy Wells (Resp)
Shayla Giddens (Wound Care)
Shelley Perry (Ortho)
Stacey Hall (Day Surgery)
Tammy Herndon (Finance)
Dorothy Roberts (Value Analysis Coord)

Procedural VAT:
Debbie Miller (Chair)
Charles Green (Supply Chain)
Chris Baker (Supply Chain)
Claire Brownlee (Radiology)
Dawn Thompson (Endo)
Debbie Browning (Charge Auditor)
Donna Alford (Endo)
Katrina Giddens (OR)
Leigh Ann Reynolds (CCL)
Lisa Haynes (OR)
Mary Key (Infection Prevention)
Megan Robinson (Finance)
Renee Green (Supply Chain)
Scott Shurling (CCL)
Tammy Herndon (Finance)
Tynika Morris (OB)
Wesley Luke (ORSC)
Dorothy Roberts (Value Analysis Coord)

In the picture:

Left to right sitting in the front:
Katrina Giddens, Cindy Webb, Cara Goodwin, Erin Middleton

Left to right standing:
Debbie Browning, Mary Key, Stacey Hall, Shelley Perry, Susie McKay, Mike Shaw, Dorothy Roberts, Ashanti Vickers, Donna Alford, Wesley Luke, Claire Brownlee, Debbie Miller, Megan Robinson, Dr. Tracy Nolan, Linda Senkbeil, Daniel Goff, Amy Taylor, Sandy Wells, Shayla Giddens, Cheryl Sumner.