Department Spotlight: December 2017

 Department Spotlight: Tift Family Medicine

  We talked to Amanda Barber, Practice Manager for Tift Family Medicine (TFM), to learn more about this clinic. Read on to    find out more!

 Where is your department located and who are your staff members?

 Tift Family Medicine is located in Suite 140 in the TRMC Medical Office Building. Our staff consists of Deidre   Dorman, FNP-C, Amanda Barber, BS RT (R), Stephanie Adams, LPN, Teresa Smith, LPN , Maci Roberson, office   coordinator.

 What is your department’s responsibility?

To provide high quality primary medical care and assist our patients in staying healthy while managing acute and chronic disease processes. TFM also offers a long term solution to weight loss management including lifestyle changes, a personalized plan that includes prescription medications and supportive measures. The weight loss clinic works to compliment a patients already existing medical diagnoses for a successful weight loss outcome. 

What is an interesting fact about your department?

We have one of the smallest departments within the TRHS umbrella but we have the most efficient processes because of the top notch teamwork.

What is something about your department that most people don’t know?

We were named the Albany Herald’s 2017 Readers Choice top family practice for the southwest Georgia area. 

How is your staff dedicated to serving the mission of TRHS?

TFM strives to form a personal connection with every patient that we serve and always go above and beyond to make the patient feel appreciated for choosing our clinic.