Department Spotlight - July 2018

Department Spotlight: Accountable Health Communities Grant

We talked to Valerie Levy, AHC Grant Program Manager, to learn more about this unique department of TRHS. Read on to find out more!

Where is your department located and who are your staff members?

We are located at 2005 Goff street just across the street from Day Surgery entrance. Our department has 5 employees (soon to be 6): Valerie Levy, MPH, AHC Grant Program Manager; Amy   Massey, AHC Navigator; Crystal Goines, AHC Navigator; Amanda Mohammed, AHC Screener and Shunik Smith, AHC Screener who will begin working with us on July 9.

What is an interesting fact about your department?

We are 1 of 32 organizations in the US to receive funding, and TRHS is one of only two rural organizations in the entire US to receive this grant! Click here to read our rural health feature article.

What is something about your department that most people don’t know?

We are a grant-funded non-clinical department, which solely focuses on addressing and assessing the social needs of our Medicare and Medicaid patient population.

What is your department’s responsibility?

The primary Accountable Health Communities Grant activities are:

•Screening of Medicare & Medicaid community-dwelling beneficiaries to identify certain unmet health-related social needs in clinical settings
•Referral of Medicare & Medicaid community-dwelling beneficiaries to increase awareness of community services
•Provision of navigation services to assist Medicare & Medicaid high-risk community-dwelling beneficiaries with accessing existing community services
•Engagement in clinical community partnerships

How is your staff dedicated to serving the mission of TRHS?

The AHC Grant Department at TRHS is dedicated to serving the mission of TRHS, as we are excited to serve the health related social needs of our patients and those of the communities we serve. We will be piloting through the month of July, and will be ready to implement the grant on August 1, 2018! TRHS IS AN ACCOUNTABLE HEALTH COMMUNITY! #TRHSMeetstheNeed #I'MACCOUNTABLE