Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be a user of Cerner Millennium and/or Infor Lawson?

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What is Cerner Millennium?

Cerner Millennium is an electronic health record (EHR) and integrated database that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities. It will replace Paragon and other systems.  It will allow our healthcare professionals to electronically store, capture and access patient health information in both the acute and ambulatory care setting.

Why is Tift Regional Health System implementing Cerner Millennium?

  • It will improve patient care as clinicians will be able to focus on the patient’s overall health and not just the encounter
  • It will increase efficiency by placing real-time, updated information with the care team in time to make fast and effective decisions
  • It will enhance access to information from multiple venues in the health system
  • It enables TRHS to meet Joint Commission requirements for patient confidentiality
  • It helps us meet federal government EHR meaningful-use requirements

When is Cerner Millennium going live?

October 1, 2017

What is Infor Lawson?

Cerner Millennium is our new electronic health record (EHR) and integrated clinical database, but Infor Lawson provides a unified platform solution for supply chain, financial and human resources management. 

Why is TRHS implementing Infor Lawson?

  • It will interface with the Cerner Millennium clinical system
  • It will improve the billing and charge-capture process, reducing claim denials and the risk of audits
  • It will provide a unified system for financial planning, accounting and expense management
  • Fiscal data will be more readily available for analysis and decision-making
  • It will improve vendor management and reduce supply-chain costs
  • It will centralize employee information on a single platform
  • It will track personnel workforce activity
  • It will free our team from time-consuming HR transactional tasks

When is Infor Lawson going live?  

Fall 2017 (exact date to be determined)

What are the implementation timelines for Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson?

Please visit our Implementation Timeline page

What are our guiding principles for the implementation of Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson?

Please visit our Guiding Principles page

Who is leading the charge on the Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson implementation?

Please visit our Team Leader page

What does success look like with Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson?

  • A healthier population in the region
  • Complete patient records across all care venues
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction 
  • Enhanced patient experience and satisfaction
  • Better communication and coordination of care
  • Better workflow
  • Improved bottom line for organization

What is the “elevator speech” for Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson?

To enhance patient care and quality, we have to get the right information to the right people at the right time.  Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson are innovative information technology systems which will revolutionize how we share clinical and business data.

What are the “value objectives” of Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson?

  • One patient one record
  • Empowering our providers and staff to be their best
  • Optimize revenue cycle
  • Aid development of value
  • Supporting best practices
  • Develop analytics infrastructure

When is the training on these new systems?

Please visit our Events Calendar page

How can I provide input into the building of the new systems?

Please talk with your manager or contact the appropriate project team leader.  Visit our Team Leader page for a contact list of project leaders.

What is a subject matter expert and what is a super user?

Subject matter experts.  A subject matter expert collects information to be used in database configuration and works with teams to develop and execute test plans, report issues and certify readiness for conversion.  They support end-user training, assist in defining a standardized work process and report to leaders on project status and risks.

Super users.  A super user is a clinical end-user and real-time expert who has received additional training which enables him or her to provide support and teaching to colleagues.  This person is expected to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and help resolve issues regarding the new technology. 

What is an accountable leader?

Accountable leaders drive the organization’s change campaign within their constituency.  They may be responsible for a role (such as nursing), a venue (such as radiology or IT department), or a facility (such as an individual clinic) depending on the organization and scope of the project.  Another term for accountable leader is change champion.

Can we expect delays in patient service during the activation of Cerner Millennium and Infor Lawson?

With investment in training, rehearsal of critical steps and onsite support during and immediately after go-live, delays in patient service should be minimized.  But, we must also be realistic and expect some slowdown and disruption as we adapt to new processes.

Once initial issues are identified and adjustments are made, our data interfacing and workflow will vastly improve and patient care will be enhanced.   During the activation phase, we will be communicating with patients and the general public about possible service delays, educating these audiences on “the why” for the new systems and asking them for patience during this transition.

Who are the consultants helping us with this transformation?

The consultants include Ciber, S&P Consultants and Cerner. Learn more by clicking on the links below:
S&P Consultants

Change is hard.  Any tips on dealing with this transformation?

Our providers and support staff can be strong partners for successful implementation if they view the technology as a tool to make it easier for them do what they are already trying to do, which is get through their day with less wasted effort while providing the best possible care for our patients.

Take advantage of our communications and training on these systems. If you feel disconnected, plug yourself in.  If you have questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to speak out.  Talk with your manager or contact a project leader, subject matter expert or super user.  You can also reach out to a member of the executive team.  We are all in this together.