Kringle the Elf: A Rounding Mission

Kringle the Elf began serving as TRHS Goodwill Ambassador on November 24. Kringle has been rounding on TRHS sites to spread goodwill and share numerous TIPS. Remember: If Kringle appears at your site, do not move him. He must remain in place to complete his round and spread goodwill. Be on the lookout for Kringle, he may be in your work area very soon!

Please be sure to do the following if Kringle shows up in your work area:

  • Keep Kringle in the exact same spot and don’t touch Kringle! If you do, he will disappear and take back a bad report!
  • Read and share Kringle’s TIP
  • Have a department leader take a group snapshot with Kringle using a TRHS phone and send it to LeAnn.Pritchett@TiftRegional.comand by 10 am.
  • Report Kringle’s location to the Safety Check-In (in person or call the conference line at 8:38 am).
  • See your group photo on TRHS’ Facebook, daily e-mail updates, and TRHS Monitor in the Cafeteria.
  • Follow postings on Instagram at #ChrisandKringle

Here are just a few of the places Kringle has been visiting!