• TRMC is unable to draw any firm conclusions due to our small sample size; however, the trends discovered are noteworthy.
  • TRMC is noticing an upward trend in the number of myeloma cases at our facility which may be part of the overall national trend.
  • TRMC is diagnosing myeloma patients at an early age and early in the stage of the disease.
  • Symptomatic patients were referred appropriately.
  • Both TRMC and NCDB data support the majority of patients are diagnosed after age 50.
  • Both national data and TRMC data reveal the majority of myeloma patients are white.
  • TRMC has a slightly higher percentage of female patients diagnosed with myeloma.
  • The majority of our patients come from Tift County followed by Berrien, Turner, and Ben Hill.
  • The incidence of myeloma is increasing at TRMC and across the nation.
  • Results demonstrate an increase need to diagnose multiple myeloma at an earlier stage and potentially prior to development of symptomatic disease. This would result in symptomatic patients being referred to tertiary care centers for treatment evaluation including stem cell transplantation in an effort to further improve overall survival for this incurable disease.

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