Change Network keeps an ear to the ground

Consisting of representatives from various departments, Tift Regional Health System’s Change Network meets each month to hold open sessions on Cerner Infor transformation issues raised by front-line staff members and to discuss new workflows.

“The Change Network is a way to gather and disseminate information at a grassroots level,” said Beth Ryther, System Director of Service Excellence.  “We ask the Change Network members to do informal polling of their respective departments in order to gather feedback regarding Cerner Infor.  Most importantly, we use these sessions to determine how workflows will change in various areas once we switch to the new system.”

Work flow means many things.  It’s a series of activities necessary to complete a task.  It’s how someone does their job.  It’s a progression of steps that comprise a work process.  Workflow means all of these things.

With Cerner, workflow steps have been created to help our team members understand how to document the care provided to patients.  For example, the admission workflow shows all the steps followed when admitting a new patient.  Change Network participants are asked to think of all the things they do to complete an admission for a new patient.  This includes registration, bed placement, admission history, assigning a billing number, scheduling a procedure and more.  Cerner outlines how to do this both from a financial and clinical side.

“Change Network attendees evaluate the new workflows and give us suggestions on how to fine-tune the process, if necessary, for better efficiency” said Beth.

Beth said the meetings also serve as a data collection of employee experiences related to the implementation of Paragon.  “We want to learn from the Paragon conversion and determine what went right and what could have gone smoother,” she said.  “This will help us create solutions for Cerner Infor transformation pain points.  Solutions create value for everyone.”