New Nurse Graduate Transition Program Celebration

A celebration was recently held to recognize the individuals who completed the TRMC six month program for new nurse graduates. The program is designed to assist the new graduates in developing their nursing skills and knowledge as they advance in their careers. Congratulations to these individuals for completing this program!

Pictured above from left to right: Nicole Durden (Clinical Educator), Tiffiny Watson (Affinity IM), Cheryl Sumner (Nurse Manager, ICU), Cindy Webb (Nurse Manager, MedWest), Daniel Goff (Nurse Manager, GMS), Breanna Griner (MedWest), Samara Acosta (MedWest), Amy Taylor (Clinical Educator/Coordinator), Ashley Watkins (Affinity Physicians for Women), Mallory Moreland (ICU/SDU), Shakyra Prince (GMS), Linda Senkbeil (Clinical Educator), Dominique Prince (ICU/SDU), Laurie Haughton (MedWest), Carol Smith (SVP of Acute Care and CNO).