Pumpkin Contest

Vote for your favorite pumpkin below.  Deadline for voting is end of day November 30th.

Submission 1 (Check your humps for lumps)

Submission 2 (Gumball machine)

Submission 3 (Sweet treat)

Submission 4 (Lady pumpkin)

Submission 5 (Got my flu shot)

Submission 6 (Trio)

Submission 7 (Safety awareness)

Submission 8 (Football player pumpkin)

Submission 9 (Fall witch pumpkin)

Submission 10 (leaf carved pumpkin)

Submission 11 (Rosie Mae pumpkin)

Submission 12 (Turtle & smurf pumpkin)

Submission 13 (Football team pumpkins)

Submission 14 (Freddie Bumpkin)

Submission 15 (Bat pumpkin)

Submission 16 (Funny face pumpkins)

Submission 17 (Purple mustache pumpkins)

Submission 18 (Door decorated with pumpkins)

Submission 19 (Tree carved scary face pumpkin)

Submission 20 (Funny face carved pumpkin)

Submission 21 (Falling pumpkin)

Submission 22 (Lungs pumpkin)

Submission 23 (Hope pumpkin)

Submission 24 (Dia de los Muertos pumpkin)

Submission 25 (Fight like a girl pumpkin)

Submission 26 (Popcorn/candy box)

Submission 27 (Grinch)

Submission 28 (Breast cancer awareness)

Submission 29 (Didn't call before the fall)

Submission 30 (Upchuck pumpkin)

Submission 31 (Dr/patient pumpkin)

Submission 32 (Silver & Orange pumpkins)

Submission 33 (Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkinhead)

Submission 34 (White decorated pumpkin)

Submission 35 (Told you I was sick pumpkin)

Submission 36 (Green witch pumpkin)

Submission 37 (Ice cream pumpkin)

Submission 38 (Snowman pumpkin)

Submission 39 (Pink butterfly pumpkin)

Submission 40 (It's gonna be alright pumpkin)

Submission 41 (Pumkin spice latte pumpkin)

Submission 42 (Cancer witch pumpkin)

Submission 43 (Porcupine pumpkin)

Submission 44 (Menu pumpkin)

Submission 45 (Pink pig pumpkin)

Submission 46 (Lion pumpkin)

Submission 47 (Unicorn pumpkin)

Submission 48 (Mums in pumpkin)

Submission 49(Wonder woman pumpkin)

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