We’re getting closer to the Infor Lawson go live date of July 1 and the Cerner go live date of October 1.  TRHS has been busy preparing for this important implementation.  As we near the go-live dates, it’s important to remember why we are undergoing this transformation in the first place.  It’s time to reconnect the vision, success criteria and guiding principles.

What is our vision?
We at Tift Regional Health System will be the health care institution of choice for our patients and staff by deploying innovative technology and transforming our information systems to a consistent, integrated electronic medical record across the entire enterprise in order to provide the best patient care, gain efficiencies and improve quality. Every team member will be part of this exciting journey as we adopt, adapt and achieve world class outcomes together!

What does success look like? 

  • A healthier population in our region
  •  Complete patient records across all care venues
  • Increased employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced patient experience and satisfaction
  • Better communication and coordination of care
  • Improved bottom line for the organization

What are our Guiding Principles?

While keeping in mind that our purpose is to meet the needs of those we serve, we will honor the following guiding principles:

  • Align our decisions such that a patient-centric focus is the foundation of our transformation journey;
  • Proactively draw from recommended leading practices to achieve the expected benefits and outcomes, including evidence-based medicine, nursing care standards, and proven Cerner solutions;
  • Enhance the experience of the end-user wherever possible and prudent;
  • Do what is best for the organization as a whole – not a single individual or department;
  • Relentlessly pursue efficiency by accurately collecting data once, storing it with minimal redundancy, and ensuring widespread access to caregivers;
  • Commit to standardization within venue so that system-wide benefits will be realized;
  • Leverage the information technology to automatically capture charges and revenues;
  • Continuously measure value using the value equation: outcome divided by cost;
  • Design a system (when possible) that facilitates future clinical and operational alignment with other healthcare entities/institutions;
  • Be accountable individually and collectively, for the effort required to achieve a successful implementation;
  • Dedicate the necessary resources to support ongoing optimization for sustainable transformation

Want to earn a chance for your department to win a pizza party?   Click on the Guiding Principles link, print out the Guiding Principles flyer, and take a photo of you and fellow co-workers either holding the sheet in pride as a group or snap a shot of the flyer posted in a prominent place in your department with you and co-workers gathered around. 

Email the photo to by midnight on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.  Make sure to include your name and department in the email.  All participants will be entered into a drawing for a department pizza party.   Four pizza parties will be given away.  Photos will be posted on the Cerner webpage, the TRHS website and social media sites.  Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 18, 2017.