Transfer Center

Transfer Center

877-724-TIFT (8438)
or TRMC in-house ext. 2337 (BEDS)

The Tift Regional Medical Center (TRMC) Transfer Center provides a fast and efficient one-call system. By calling 877-724-TIFT (8438), or TRMC in-house extension 2337 (BEDS), referring physicians can expedite time-sensitive emergency transfers, direct admissions and hospital-to-hospital transfers for specialty care at Tift Regional Medical Center.

One call is all it takes

The team of expert nurses at the TRMC Transfer Center are available 24/7 to assist referring physicians with specialty care referrals and transfers. Just state the type of specialist you need to get the process started. For a complete list of available specialties, please click here. (Have link go to Find a Physician page)

You can get your patient accepted for transfer to TRMC promptly. A transfer specialist with the TRMC Transfer Center locates the appropriate attending specialist on-call and facilitates a conference call among the referring doctor and accepting specialist. The Transfer Center nurse works with the accepting specialist on bed placement coordination and hospitalist support. With just one call to the TRMC Transfer Center, you've quickly and easily arranged for your patient's transfer.

Transfer Process Checklist

  • Call the Tift Regional Medical Center Transfer Center at 877-724-TIFT (8438) or TRMC in-house ext. 2337 (BEDS).
  • Provide the patient's demographic information and clinical reason for transfer. You may be asked for additional information such as the patient's diagnosis, required level of care, current IV infusions, weight and any special equipment that will be required for transport. The TRMC Transfer Center can assist with transportation arrangements if needed.
  • Obtain transfer consent by having the patient or an authorized family member sign an EMTALA-compliant transfer form.
  • Complete a physician's certification statement of medical necessity for the patient's transport (Medicare patients only).
  • Prepare a copy of the patient's chart.
  • Prepare copies of all pertinent diagnostic studies related to the transfer.
  • Please fax a demographic sheet and other requested patient information to 229-353-2336 or send an e-mail to


William Hancock, M.D.
Invasive Cardiologist

Medical Director
TRMC Transfer Center