What is uCern and how can it benefit you?

Cerner offers a social collaboration tool called uCern which is available to all Cerner clients and partners at no additional cost.   

“In 2009, we launched a platform, called uCern, to allow our clients, business partners and associates to collaborate and share information,” said Jeff Townsend, Cerner Executive VP and Chief of Staff.  “Today, the uCern suite of applications provides our clients and business partners with a variety of technologies to impact how they interact with Cerner and each other.”

Users can create communities (called groups or spaces) around common interests or topic areas. Within those communities they can create documents, videos, discussions, polls and other items and share those with other associates. 

The Wiki platform of uCern addresses more structured documentation and content needs. The uCern Connect (the social collaboration area) includes thousands of groups and spaces, with more than a million pieces of content generated by associates and clients. On the Wiki platform, users have created thousands of pages on various topics, including product documentation, company procedures and policies, work process documentation and more.

One Cerner client said this about the platform, “I’m able to go in and read other comments from other offices that are having difficulties with the same issues that I am and see what resolution they came up with and this helps me to apply it to my day.”

To gain access to the uCern community, you must complete the registration process.  Click here to learn more about registering an account.