Radiation Oncology.  Using simulation and computerized treatment planning, the Anita Stewart Oncology Center utilizes photon and electron radiation beam therapy to cure or control malignant growths.  The Center also offers brachytherapy, a special form of radiation treatment that delivers very high dosages of radiation directly to specific tumor sites.  Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) is also available to provide high dose radiation to the tumor site while assuring fewer side effects.  


Medical Oncology.  Medical oncology utilizes an outpatient procedure known as chemotherapy, which is the use of drugs to destroy cancerous cells and prevent further growth.  Chemotherapy medications are given orally or by injection and can be used in combination with surgery and/or radiation therapy.


Hematology.  The medical oncologists at the Anita Stewart Oncology Center are also hematologists, providing diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases.  This includes disorders which affect the production of blood and its components, such as blood cells, hemoglobin, blood proteins and the mechanism of coagulation. 


Combined Cancer Therapy Management.  Our medical oncologists serve as the multi-disciplinary team leader for your overall course of treatment, coordinating efforts with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists and other specialists.


Support, Education and Counseling.  The Anita Stewart Oncology Center sponsors a cancer support group, facilitated by an oncology social worker, which offers an open forum for the discussion of issues related to cancer and cancer care.  Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, family members and/or caregivers are welcome to participate.  A breast cancer support group, coordinated by a registered nurse, is also available.  The Anita Stewart Oncology Center also offers an up-to-date cancer resource library, which provides cancer patients and family members access to the internet, books, videos, pamphlets and more to research oncology topics.


Other TRMC Cancer-Related Services.   Other cancer-related services at TRMC include PET/CT Scan, CT Scan, MRI (including breast MRI) and oncology surgery.  The TRMC Women’s Imaging Center offers mammography and minimally-invasive breast biopsy.  The Women’s Health Navigator is available to guide patients every step of the way from breast cancer diagnosis to treatment.